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Chef Raphael Gamon was born in 1963 in cosmopolitan San Francisco. He grew up in Switzerland in a ”farm to table” environment that influenced his basic approach to life. This multi-lingual Swiss Culinary Academy graduate was hired in 1985 by Palais Royal as the Private Chef to the Culture Minister. This kick-started his long list of dignitaries and numerous other celebrated clients. Raphael has cooked for Kings, politicians, Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Madonna, Kobe, and many “quiet” ones. From doctors to Culinary students.

Chef Raphael teaches an understanding of foods from the perspective of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) to live better.
His compassion for the environment, his wisdom about the human body, and the effects of converting nutrients and energy through everything we “intake” formed chef Raphael as a valuable source for information and solutions.

While he studied TCM in Singapore and opened the first French cuisine/TCM fusion restaurant, chef Raphael authored the first TCM study book for anyone interested in learning the simple applications that can prevent future illness.
“I teach young and old not just how to plant and correctly combine vegetables and fruit, but share the more important knowledge of what specific organs these colorful fruits and vegetables nourish in your body.”

TCM chef Raphael is featured in TIME magazine and many cooking-related articles (below). Inquire about his private seminars or arrange your own group experience through his pro website:

His TCM cooking classes are designed as an interactive experience and widely loved for their diversity and fun while re-discovering a solid knowledge of 3000-year wisdom. These home classes are for anyone; Baby Boomers, Youngsters, non-Chefs, Gourmands, people with specific health adjusting situations, Physicians, Nutritionists, the Curious, and the Critical…

Chef Raphael suggests a kitchen environment for the free-spirited, but with a structure that binds to learn about everyday foods, while preparing a menu to share and a final Q&A after class. The system is like that of a “light” Culinary school. The idea for this individualized hands-on experience is to leave you with tons of wisdom, rich in tips, and new friends who share a common curiosity for TCM. His classes will impact your eating and how you perceive food! Relax, it’s great fun with a focus on every participant to get their share of “help” to cope with the personal aim for solutions and, foremost, cater to your specific needs.


Mr. Gamon has improved the overall quality of our resort. His adaptation and efficiency has surprised us; he is a very motivating individual.
Daniel Byland
Minahasa Lagoon & Resort