Lesson: You either try to loose weight or you want to convert fat into energy… You will regain even more fat if you falsely attempt Keto is a weight-loss solution… Besides, it is a dangerous a trend!

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09/2021 my TCM cookbook is being redesigned

It slowly dawns on me that a six-year journey of writing and designing the “cooking with traditional Chinese medicine” (TCM) cookbook is finally in print. It is now available for anyone curious about everything we consume and how it affects us.

TCM cook book is out
Chuck full with Color Illustrations

The TCM cookbook with over 170 pages is chuck full of helpful information and designed as a mini-self-study to introduce all of you to the complex world of Eastern medicine from my perspective as a TCM chef.  I’m fusing two great traditions: Chinese medicinal food and French cuisine!

“As a trained chef, my curiosity early on focused on learning how food has an affect on us, not just on our physical wellbeing, but how we psychologically react to what we intake. My work informs beyond eating, drinking and the product choices we consume to sustain life; we are affected by what we see, breathes and listen too – we respond to everything we touch, we apply and the circumstances we choose to live in.  We all agree to know this, but turned away from confronting to understanding it – it seems too complex to comprehend. This full colored work is designed for young and old to quickly understand the basics of Traditional Chinese methods. My recipes are easy, tasty and original!”

Sample menu page: Vegetable juice w turmeric

Cooking with TCM is a visually stunning and clever book; a simplified presentation with well established wisdom and modern references to scientifically support facts. Learn about the remedies that have been studied on millions of people without side-effects. You quickly realize how to make perfect choices to support and sustain health.  With this book you can wisely filter through today’s luring promotions of products that are natural, safe and share with others these powerful alternatives.

There are 140 recipes with vegetarian and vegan variations and hundreds of healthy remedies to include into your daily routine. The TCM cookbook is a trove of fun information for people pondering how to sustain health, cope with illness and curious about non-invasive options to enhance our bodies ability to heal, boost immune response and guarantee longevity.

Please, support me in sharing this blog.  I am specialized in helping anyone with kidney-, liver-, diet-problems and sleep- and pain-management. We have setup an introduction consultation special for the first one hundred people that sign up through our new website. You can share this coupon as you see fitting.

The Book: Cooking with TCM is a perfect gift for friends, family and a collectable for all chefs!

Thank you,

TCMchef Raphael



Most of us say “we know, the unexplainable exists…” but as a physicist, biochemist, virologist or anyone dedicated to conclusively understand how matter interacts and changes, one cannot just simple adapt a philosophical claim:

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