Juuling or Vaping Tobacco is devastating to your health!

Sorry if you snoop through this blog trying to find comfort in inhaling artificial fumes, tobacco and THC… Vaping or Juuling of any product is devastating to your health; every other nuance of opinion is just that, an excuse to postpone coping with addiction. This blog requires laying out a few basic structures to help understand the difference between scientific research of a specific product and the implications (while disregarding the science knowledge) into an actual circumstance. 

In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), we comb through the history registered by many people who have documented their findings, ideas, and results and define an early understanding of herbal powers. Rosemary with Arnica, as an example, has been documented as far back as 2000BC for its advantage in reducing leg pain (muscle, tendons ligaments), amongst many other benefits. Crepitus, recognized by a popping or cracking sound in the knee, is helped by rubbing sesame oil atop the joint area…

Rosemary Oil is a powerful remedy unless it is smoked.

Druids agreed in all corners of the world throughout history, with doctors and monks that Rosemary oil extract from this plant in bloom – harvested ideally in late Summer – comforts foremost lower-leg pain. Water-steam oil extractions were first documented in 1000BC… Roman soldiers praised Rosemary oils, and today you can find it advertised in a yoga store claiming similar advantages.

Millions of people have used Rosemary remedies, and scholars have passed their refined wisdom down to pupils through modern generations. Today, it is applied for migraines, menstrual cramps, and concentration-remedy (the oil is not harvested in the specific matter mentioned above). Books are re-written about its benefit for hair restoration. Neurological research claims that it cures Alzheimer’s, although that is still questionable… be wary of anyone using the word “cure”! Mediterranean chefs for centuries spiced their pasta dishes with this herb, following an ancient tradition. Candlemakers love Rosemary’s strong scent… its usage seems unlimited.

gulling and vaping is devastating
Classic Orange & Cinamon Oil Vape

Today we can DNA fingerprint Rosemarinus Officinalis and compare current research on many levels with past scriptures. Today, we confirm that the human muscular cell structure and blood vessels react positively towards the anti-thrombotic effect towards these oils in preventing blood clots. Rosemary does seem to activate brain memory, as claimed by Shakespeare.

Our nervous system and brain sensors react positively towards beta-amyloid plaques and hence, Rosemary suppresses acetyl-cholinesterase (AChE), which are primary causes of Alzheimer’s ataxia and dementia.

We can pinpoint why we feel relieved when rubbing “healing oil” on our skin – we know understand how it is absorbed and what human profiles react positively to its smell, flavor, and essence. We can even demonstrate why plant extract creates adverse reactions in the human body, like burns, numbness, hives, or what causes blistering discomfort. 

vaping & juuling is devastating to your health
Tobacco CEO’s claim Vaping is a Healthy Alternative

rDNA and mDNA studies show Rosemary variations have potencies unavailable to science research before, including a current understanding of how it needs to be cultivated, preferably harvested and manufactured. How it could be genetically manipulated to produce vast amounts of concentrations to provide a product as demanded. Surprisingly, the original claims registered a thousand years ago are today confirmed claims; because the documented scriptures of the past result from millions of people being treated successfully. Compare this to modern trial phases, merely requiring a few hundred people within a tiny time span of a few months before medicine is released on the Pharma market…

gulling and vaping are toxic
The World is Toxic without Vaping…

That’s all about one herb. However, as soon as we combine one with another plant essence, we start a whole new chain of discovery… Triple or quadruple a TCM-mix and the potentiality become complex. True herbology rarely uses a “single application” for prescription use… Furthermore, traditional medicine respects that each body/person reacts differently at various states of age and health and living in many climates. What might feels soothing to one could be life-threatening to another. 

Throughout the history of “4000 years of Rosemary-emollient-investigation” – trial tested on billions of people – no significant study has ever suggested that smoking its oil would result in an advantage. None of the respected TCM scriptures suggest that inhaling fumes into our bronchi would treat ailments or benefit human health. None!

And now, let’s talk about vaping: Basically an electronically heated substance we inhale for pleasure… that is fused with chemically designed oils or artificial flavors to trick our minds into believing it smells like rosemary vanilla or citrus. Keep in mind; the FDA categorizes seasoning differently from nutritional and manufacturing rely on you not realizing misleading labeling and claims. It’s as convoluted as the term decriminalizing Marihuana from legalizing it. It should be decriminalized (and all jailed people for possession must be freed…), but legalizing would saturate the market with concocted products falsely claiming to contain medical benefits (already happening) and bogus products that can be dangerous, even deadly!

Vaping, or vaporizing, is the process of heating raw plant matter or chemical extracts without combustion. Instead of burning weed, tobacco, or hash, vaporizing quickly heats various substances (mixes) to limit the release of harmful chemicals and to maximize the part of the plant’s intended effects. Cannabis is typically heated between >285°F and <450°F, and tobacco vapes between >250°F and <300°F.  The smoking point of CBD oil is 332°F (165°C)… (besides, there is no significant benefit recorded of hemp-extracted oil…)

Smoking Oil or Plastics is Dangerous

Vapor has more in common with a cloud of steam than with a puff of smoke. And even though vaping reduces the effects of secondhand smoke, it doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing a drug’s effect as a bystander. Most plant oils “burn” and become unhealthy at different degrees of heat (Read: vapor level and smoking points of oils). 

Juul vapes heat up to around 420°F…

The properties we absorb while vaporing differ, depending on what you actually inhale. You can inhale tobacco, THC hash, and endless combinations of substances, including orange oils (smoke point 350°F), cinnamon plant-matter, and synthetic additives. Sometimes these substances turn into gaseous form, and sometimes vaping means inhaling liquid particles suspended in the air as they cool after evaporation. Either way, the method at first is the same: Drug molecules, after being inhaled, land on the interior lungs, which have an enormous surface area to catch them. The molecules then pass directly into the blood and bypass the digestive system. From there, the effects hit your brain in about five seconds, which is almost as quick as injecting the substance.

Let’s skip how the lungs cope with getting rid of the “garbage” left inside; just read up on COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

So, Juuling (a brand name adapted verb) is the foremost “goto” tool for teenagers in 2018. They annoyingly blow nicotine-steam lazed with oils and chemicals that “taste” like Vanilla,  Rosemary, or fantastic flavors. Even Marijuana-infused e-cigarettes come with chemical-created additives. Although vaping is promoted foremost to a younger generation as a healthy alternative to smoking, statistically, only 2% of cigarette smokers have actually quit through vaping. Actually, 9% admit to smoking “real” cigarettes after starting with e-cigarettes. This five billion vapor industry fails to honestly communicate a science-based message about the known side effects that lack a long-term study and warn about the consequences of this modern diversion accurately. We promote until we know better… (since this blog was published in 2018, the science world has concluded that vaping is no better than smoking…)

In TCM, we promote certain essences to be inhaled through steam, i.e., clearing your sinus – bent over the sink under a towel – inhaling Tiger-Balm (fumes) smeared onto the porcelain below. At the same time, the hot water faucet is fully opened… This does not compare to circumvent what the nose is designed to filter out while inhaling medicinal substance before it coats the surface of our bronchi. Drawing in overheated artificial substances through your mouth without any true purpose (other than getting high…) seems questionable. I’m also not convinced that the vanilla-cloud puffing teen in a restaurant next to me looks particularly “cool” or hip…

juuling and vaping is devastating
the Lie about the Risks of Vaping

Nicotine is addictive. >50% of all e-cigarette contain tobacco. The leaf-drying process had been shown to prevent Tuberculosis in factory workers during the early 19thcentury. TCM respects the healing properties of Tobacco. Throughout South and North America, tobacco is consumed in various ways: chewed, sniffed, smoked, eaten, juiced, smeared over bodies, and used in eye drops and enemas. It still carries a mystic “smoke” of purification spirits after blessing fields and praising Gods.

Today, the same tobacco companies – denying for decades that smoking caused cancer – now aim to hook teens on vaping. We adapted against their efforts that smoking was the foremost cause of lung-, bone-, gum-cancer and birth deformities but now allow to hold a truth that inhaling steam derived essence is less dangerous. We have to willfully ignore modern studies that the use of smokeless tobacco include: Mouth-, tongue-, cheek-, and gum cancer.

Surely, bi-products inhaled by burning wrapping papers and fillers are more unhealthy than flavored vapor steam. The new expensive studies claiming that juuling is harmless are sponsored by companies that denied cigarette smoking caused cancer.   We are smarter today than we were yesterday, right? Nicotine addiction prevented smokers in the ’80s from giving up their habit while dying of cancer in their hospital beds. Tobacco addiction is the culprit here, not the method in which we ingest the essence! Got hooked?

TCMchef Raphael


No, Chocolate Milk is NOT an ideal “recovery” drink!

June 2nd to June 9th, I will partake with Team Swiss at the annual ALC (AIDS LifeCycle) bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. A seven-day journey shared with 3000 like-minded people coming together from all corners of the world to cross 545 miles through beautiful California. Chocolate milk is a big sponsor for this event…

This blog is not about my yearly participation; I’m writing about a consistently

promoted product as the perfect “recovery” drink, post-exercise. My father taught me early on not to drink much milk, for this high-nutritious liquid is intended to grow a 30lbs calve into a 1200lbs cow. 

chocolate milk is not an ideal recovery drink

During ALC, many encourage chocolate milk as perfect energy and muscle recovery drink that replenishes energy and replaces electrolytes – but this myth is simply bogus! I hear friends praising the well-being effects, and I will specify why consuming chocolate milk makes you feel like this… It’s worth repeating that drinking goat’s milk can disrupt your electrolyte balance, a common dilemma for sports participants!

There is no benefit of consuming chocolate and sugar-enriched dairy (apart from being the source of whey protein). Most humans, after the age of ten, lack an enzyme called rennin to digest milk! Quite to the contrary, dairy seems to have detrimental effects on your health. Milk should be for calves (baby cows). Most humans cannot digest it. You may tolerate it, but you DO NOT fully digest it. I have aided clients with chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, chronic sinusitis, and various serious allergies by simply limiting their milk and cheese consumption.

To understand the complexity of my blog, I must bombard you with a few milk facts that are necessary to understand these over-promoted products. It’s a hundred and twenty billion-dollar industry in this land (USofA)!

Swiss Cows milk makes them big We can't digest it

Today’s dairy cows are fed gas-preserved storage food, which changes the nature of the milk and causes health problems for the cows. They are fed soy, corn, cottonseed meal, or other commercial feeds, which contain all sorts of things, including chicken manure and citrus peel cake, laced with pesticides. These foods are not appropriate for cows, which are ruminants and should be feeding on green grass in the spring, summer, and fall. By nature, they are supposed to regurgitate green feed, silage, hay, and root vegetables in the winter. Unfortunately, most dairy cows are kept in confinement, given antibiotics and hormones, and never see green grass their entire lives. These same cows have been tweaked and shot up with Posilac to produce up to 55 or more pounds of milk per day nearly all year long. But alarming is the injection of a genetically engineered form of bovine growth hormone (rBGH). A manufactured or synthetic hormone is used to increase milk production artificially. For humans, rBGH also increases blood levels of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in those who drink it. And higher levels of IGF-1 are linked to several cancers. (read the link below)

This method of farming dairy is a burden on global health. Each cow regurgitates between four compartments of the stomach and producing an amazing amount of carbon… That could be reduced by 75% by simply adding seaweed to their diet… if only the industry would!

First off, we have to preserve what nature would spoil in two days by mandatory quickly heating milk to 165 degrees for about 5 seconds. (Water contaminated with an equal amount of feces and bacteria in the US, as mandated by the same regulatory board, must be boiled for more than seven minutes by 212 degrees before being considered drinkable…) Hence, pasteurization merely kills certain bacteria. However, this process disables certain enzymes needed to break down milk fat in our human digestive tract. It robs the milk serum of vitamins, denatures fragile milk proteins, kills beneficial bacteria, and promotes pathogens. Even calves fed pasteurized milk instead of colostrum (high antibacterial milk right after birth) reflect poorly on this product, and many die before maturity. Pasteurization was instituted in the 1920s to combat TB, infant diarrhea, undulant fever, and other diseases caused by poor animal nutrition and dirty production methods. By today’s standard, pasteurization is absolutely unnecessary for public protection. It’s an archaic, ineffective law…

In some cases, milk is ultra-pasteurized to eliminate heat-resistant bacteria and give it longer shelf life. Ultra high-temperature pasteurization is a process that takes milk from a chilled temperature to above the boiling point in less than two seconds. This process is utilized for the boxed kinds of milk that can keep at room temperature for weeks… Unlike the regular milk that multiplies the number of microbes at room temperature and DOUBLES them every 20 minutes. No wonder milk spoils very quickly.

the myth about chocolate milk

To make matters worse, milk is homogenized. Homogenization is a process that breaks down butterfat globules, so they do not rise to the top. Homogenized milk is harder to digest, so proteins normally digest in the stomach are not broken down and instead are absorbed into the bloodstream. Often the body reacts to these foreign proteins by triggering the immune system, causing inflammation. It can even trigger auto-immune problems. Homogenized milk has also been linked to heart disease, probably because of the fat globules that are dispersed by the process. This means homogenized fat molecules are so small that they can escape your stomach wall and enter the bloodstream.

myth milk chocolate

In addition to being chemically altered into something that is hard to digest and causes problems, today’s milk usually contains steroids, antibiotics, pesticides from treated grains, bacteria from infected animals, and genetically engineered growth hormones. If you think it’s just a few sick cattle I’m ranting about, look at the statistics of the FDA released October 2012: 40% of all cattle in the United States carry AIDS and Leukemia Viruses. 64% of dairy cattle are infected with bovine immunodeficiency viruses (BIV) and bovine leukemia viruses (BLV) worldwide. (Bovine immunodeficiency viruses can also be properly referred to as bovine AIDS viruses.) They are commonly tainted with disease-causing bacteria, such as salmonella, staphylococci, listeria, deadly E. coli O1573, and Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (possibly one of the agents causing Crohn’s disease; a form of life-threatening chronic colitis), as well as viruses known to cause lymphoma and leukemia-like diseases, and immune deficiency in cattle.

I’m not trying to scare you – that is not possible – because we cannot accept that science might be correct as a mass. (share your opinion on this blog

…) Besides, dairy is incorporated in 300 baby products and over 2000 food products sold in stores throughout the US; there is just no stopping this madness.

I grew up next to a dairy farm, and as a chef, I still love cooking with cream and cheese, but in moderation. I do, however, not substitute electrolyte-fused water with chocolate milk. Just fact-check this point: Today’s low-fat milk contains 59 uncommon hormones. One of those 59 hormones is a powerful GROWTH hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor ONE (IGF-1). By a freak of nature, it is identical in cows and humans. Consider this hormone to be a “fuel cell” for any cancer… (the medical world says IGF-1 is a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate and colon cancers, and we suspect that most likely it will promote ALL cancers).

So if you do drink milk, I suggest you look for pure raw milk from grass-fed cows (which is hard to get in most states, unfortunately) because it may not be the milk per se, but how milk is chemically altered that causes the problems. I must clarify that unsweetened fermented or cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir and sour cream are acid neutral. Yogurt, in particular, is chock-full of beneficial qualities. As is the case with milk, organic yogurt does not have rBGH. (That grass and those roots, however, might be lazed with Monsanto by-products…)

Let me specify what started my blog: Chocolate milk is recommended because it is rich in Vitamin D and calcium. Since dairy cows don’t eat grass, they do not have sufficient magnesium in their milk. The calcium in cow’s milk is basically useless because it has an insufficient amount of needed magnesium content. Cows milk has three times the calcium as does human breast milk. No matter, neither are very usable because there MUST be an equal quantity of MAGNESIUM to be absorbed and used.

Per the USDA, 8 ounces (one cup) of cows milk contains:

Calcium, Ca mg 291.336

Magnesium, Mg mg 32.794

After consumption, now that excessive bone-building calcium has to be flushed out of your system, causing your chemical household to overproduce acid (…it’s actually simple chemistry) and add to it the lactic acid formed after strenuous sport – you are now “attacking” your calcium reserves in your bones with this acid surplus! Your bone density diminishes when consuming more than five cups of milk per week. Your calcium-rich milk is causing the opposite effect.

we feed babies too much milk, its a myth that this would be healthy

Milk is fortified with vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), cheaper than vitamin D3, and rather useless for supplementation. Vitamin D supplements require saturated fat to make them bioavailable to be incorporated into the body structure, but this vitamin is inert when you drink low-fat milk.

The protein myth:

87% of milk is water. That makes it VERY expensive water.

Broken down into its basic groups

Whole milk is: Water 87%, fat 3.25%, casein 4%, other protein 5,75%

(Note: that is 3.25% “milkfat,” which includes 87% water.) 80% of the protein in milk is casein. Casein is a powerful binder, a polymer used to make plastics, and a glue better used to make sturdy furniture or hold beer bottle labels in place. It is in thousands of processed foods as a binder promoted as “something” caseinate. Casein is a powerful allergen, histamine that creates lots of mucus. The only medicine in Olympic athlete Flo-Jo’s body was Benedryl, a power antihistamine she took to combat her last meal… cheese pizza. And she drank chocolate milk as recommended for her quick recovery:

Read up on the whole Flo-Jo story. 

So it is not ideal for drinking milk that promotes liquid formation in your lungs, especially if you bike the next day in the early morning mist! After sport, in all current scientific studies – any fresh fruit and water combination replenishes your system equally and sufficiently. (any adverse study was surely published under the sponsorship of dairy farmers…) Yes, chocolate milk will give you an elevated positive feeling. Still, most likely, it is due to the high amount of sugar and the “upper” effect of the cacao (Next time, I’ll write about processed cacao and coffee beans…). Hint: Check the sugar content in one cup of chocolate milk!

TCMchef Raphael

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Histamine is a chemical reaction of your body’s immune response to cope with irritants like pollen, dust, and allergens. Antihistamines are drugs we consume/apply to squash that response to irritants; so the body doesn’t know irritants are invading – although we will still be impacted by it…

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