Lingering Covid-19 Consequences and long-term effects should be a huge concern. The NIH received a billion-dollar grant in 2021 to research the long-term, lingering Covid consequences or “Covid-resisting illness”  – experienced by 19% of people after falling ill or being infected with either variant of the current virus (Delta-, Gamma- and Lambda, Kappa-variants…) causing havoc worldwide…

This virus and all the variations cause damage – even in vaccinated people – to their lungs, heart, brain, kidney, and liver, which increases the risk of long-term health problems. After a sincere illness, people express symptoms from muscle pain, hair loss, blood clogging, brain fog, to general lack of energy, sleep disorders, and even depression. This is reported in patients with no history of either of the beforementioned dilemmas. Add multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) aged 2-15, a condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs.

Always gut-health, if you isolate the foremost culprit of all these indicators!

Most of the long-term after-effects of being exposed to this novel virus are unclear to current scientific studies since developing emergency vaccination, and worldwide care response occupies research beyond needed to “discover” what and where all the lingering effects actually originate…

I wish someone would reach out to me and inquire why NONE of the people and friends in my care – after exposure and recovery – have neither of these symptoms. I embrace that true to science; we must study what might have been done correctly… Pardon my bragging, but sometimes the solution is just simple yet ignored!


My first client out from 17 days under ICU intubation last March 2020 (Intubation is a medical procedure that involves inserting a flexible plastic tube down a person’s throat) has physically fully “recovered” after being placed on a super restricted food diet and strenuous exercise and lifestyle program. I wrote my first findings in April 2020 (blog below), explaining my approach to treating the Covid-19 experience on the human body, which is foremost a blood disease. However, the medical community was still stuck in evaluating the consequences of the virus on the human lung.

By June, I had successfully coached five more people infected with Covid-19 and guided them to full recovery as well. I recommended then to use my Covid-TCM food suggestions as a preventative since no vaccines had been available.

I outlined a substantial Food for Covid list of items to consume that is still accurate today – even more important for recovery – to counter underlying COVID long-term conditions caused by a virus emboldened by our poor food and lifestyle choices.

For me, the long-term consequences of Covid damage are no mystery. I might lack the perspective of a virologist and that of certified medical professionals. Still, as with all infections, our exposure to the influenza virus through Traditional Chinese medicine is long documented.  We treat sick patients by balancing all organs. In TCM theory, influenza disease was classified as “YI Disease” and was first documented 2,200 years ago during the Warring States period (475-221 BC). The Han Dynasty scriptures – the second imperial dynasty of China (202 BC – 220 AD)- show early understandings that the Exogenous Febrile Diseasesor Discourse on Cold-Damage Disorders needed to be treated. Later, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emergence of Wen Yi Lun (Analysis of Epidemic Warm Diseases) revealed that TCM had contributed enormously to the prevention and treatment of influenza for thousands of years.

These early findings still guide modern medicinal treatments and have shown effectiveness in successfully squashing SARS, MERS, and now Covid-19′ lingering symptoms. But, it requires completely abandon bad food behavior that allows Covid variants to manifest or “hide” within our body and activate long-term health interruptions.

lingering covid 19 consequences
Fish Mint: nerve healing, diabetic balancer

I concentrated my original diet plan on adding fresh food items that contained high amounts of berberine (Turmeric, Chilis and Berries) because laboratories have shown that berberine suppressed viral replication in A549 cells in the lungs.  My daily menus were rich in herbs, including Fish-Mint leaves (Houttuynia cordata) since studies have shown that it might decrease the concentration of pulmonary proinflammatory cytokines/chemokines and the number of intestinal goblet cells; resulting in upregulation of sIgA and tight junction protein (ZO-1) in the intestine. Besides, these salad greens contain powerful diabetic balancing properties and are used in most modern influenza products sold in South East Asia.

Celery root, Leeks, Carrots, Parsley, Cabbage

I incorporated triterpenoid-rich sources like basil, mint, garlic and birch rind (Chaga), which have inhibitory effects on the replication of influenza. Importantly, it has been confirmed that eating selected roots (sunchokes, radish, Lili-root) and freshly brewed broth and homemade kimchi combinations effectively hindered viral attachment and penetration into the host cells. Think Kampo Medicine!

Foods rich in anthocyanidins – like red onions, sweet potatoes, and red cabbage aid by interfering with early viral replication. I can’t list every detail of my diet choices. True to TCM, each of us varies in how I  design a personalized “recovery menu,”-  but I’m steadfast in my quest that my vision, my study, and choice of foods/cooking methods can help and could set a standard for treatment and prevention or even capable of expelling the “lingering” Covid virus from your body…

Why can’t we eat healthy even when in dire need of healing? It’s psychological, and we are all addicted to processed foods and sugar!

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TCMchef Raphael

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