A mini-guide to Meditation

Nowadays, many quickly bounce to a bias opinion before knowing the facts… I discover “detectives” amongst friends, “specialists” about other people’s behavior, and oddly, some stick it out (past their quick voiced judgment…) even beyond a point of disapproval… Often invitations to boycott others are based on a fluke of truth, a mere first emotion – bagatelle fractions of reality wrapped in harsh words. I like a good joke, a fun comparison. Good satyr and cynicisms sugar coat the already cruel reality amongst so many narrow-minded opinions… we need to be less critical of the voices and expressions by others and more in tune (meditation)with a fair view of the reality before us…


This reality is simple: Connect with nature, find inner balance, eat less synthetic products, show compassion. Meditate.

Zen is just that. RELAX, feel the GROUND you stand on, and measure your INTAKE.

Relax; control your breathing at least once a day. If the word meditation reminds you of religion, switch off your subconscious breathing reflex and control for a few minutes air intake. Slow it down. Breathe deep.

Exhale your lungs completely, enjoy the rush… breath in 1, 2, 3… exhale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Place yourself on earth, not fibrous carpet, dead wood, or cemented floor. Be earth-bound, once a day, even when in a city, make an effort to get in touch with a “real” ground.

Control your intake, the air, the water, the food. The sound you listen to and what enters your body through your eyes and ears. Close your eyes, and if there is a nervous twinkle, you are not relaxed. Listen to beautiful music or the sounds of nature. Loud coordinated noise, like most music, does not aid you preferably. If silence frightens you, find a partner to share your “quiet” time with. Touch, feel smile.

Watch what you eat – you are what you eat: seriously, if it is foremost synthetics, you are indeed partially synthetic…

From this perspective, form your opinion about events, actions, and situations around you. You will discover that your ideologies are less angry, less bias and possibly less interested in the details that seem to dictate the lives of your friends.

All energies we set into motion are out there… I don’t know where, but I think we constantly walk through them, like spiderwebs spun from trees.  It sometimes feels like walking through ” clattered ” air with kinetic energy, cell phones, electricity, and voice opinions. It sometimes feels like walking through “clattered” air.

Look into the eyes of others and find nice words to share. Keep your message short and focused.

Drink more fluids, smile more.

TCMchef Raphael

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