A new advertisement campaign is running on TV to bring awareness about abusive language and gender/orientation harassment. I can’t shake off the reality, that when this funny ad was introduced at the gay-owned residence, where I was hired as a private chef early this year, when the gay florist for the event, made my client, (an oh-so-gay interior decorator Michael Smith to Obama), aware of the fact, I had an “ominous-gay” past: I was let go from my job – irony of circumstances.

It is foremost the gay society within that is the most vicious in their judgment… As with most political groups, we, the gays, often fail to adapt a better inclusion within our own reality. I have been made uncomfortable more often by gay-judgmental (manicured) finger-pointing compared to a grander world beyond. Gays can be hypocrites reflecting their unresolved insecurity. Maybe, because our socially “out” new experience is still covered by a hue of self-shame, adapting to “how to be me” and yes, a slew of uneducated folks upholding archaic hate against anything that seems to frighten them… Clearly, I’m out to make another gay…

I’m currently on Hawaii’s Kona, diving with my friends and certifying chef Mikee to be a PADI Open Water diver. What a wonderful experience when yesterday, sitting on the ocean floor, below eight large Manta-rays floating majestically above during a night-dive us. Diving really is a sensational sport. If anyone wants to be certified, please contact me… I’m a private chef and  a passionate dive Instructor… (tell your friends!)

All is good in my little world. I’m perplexed about the lack of a mainstream outcry in the USA, with the choice of a Sarah Palin running on the Vice Presidential ticket. Europe is laughing their asses off; Americans are oblivious. That woman is a dangerous joke, dividing our political parties even further!!

While the stock market is running a roller coaster ride, I keep telling my friends, that this is only the beginning of a serious recession and everyone should stop wasting their hard-earned dollars and stop gambling on Wall Street. We are gambling-addicted!

No news about the TV cooking show… Lastly, I talked with my agent, Todd Rubenstein. He was very excited and encouraged me about possibilities. I have a feeling he, too, is just a “wanna-be” imposter – I have not heard from him in weeks. The hype has passed – floating in water is soothing to the mind, so is the Mai Tai on my balcony here –  and I am happy I have a wonderful job back in LA, which I love.

Happy Halloween everyone! Check out the cooking site; It’s still under construction and grows weekly; I think I’m providing a great platform that will be valuable for lots of people in need of changing their lifestyle in a polluted world.

First off: Life is beautiful, get up in the morning and tell yourself how much you love life and how nice you are going to be to yourself, then smile for others.



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