The Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s view, lecturing with a quote of the Declaration of Independence, after winning fourth place in Saturday’s Iowa Straw Poll hit a nerve: His racist undertone and the growing demagoguery by right-wing characters openly expressing their bigotry is a dangerous movement. It confirms to the worst of our citizens a notion that their dislike towards minorities, gays, and non-whites is rectified. And seemingly that voter profile is large, hence politicians embrace that their election chances are enhanced through hate and lies when catering their support with dangerous messaging tactics. 

Santorum, invited by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) paired up with the Family Research Council (FRC) and Susan B. Anthony List to promote his nomination during their four-day tour; expressively in opposition to the legalization of gay marriage.


Many politicians, Senators and House Members have to bend history to align their hate speech and pretend equality for gays was not included in the constitution, by the founding fathers. Such ugly misrepresentation of basic principles in one nasty bundle on fundraising tours, designed to fill their war-chest, in the hope to become re-elected or worse, become President of the United States. Escorted by  O’Donnell, with TV celebrity Palin or that nasty human Bachmann in tow, sit in the front bleachers of this political spectacle, surrounded with dubious characters. Often, they too “play this role” because it makes them rich. Party switching Perry nor science revoked doctor Rand Paul are “better” candidates. How can you claim to be a medical professional, displaying so little compassion towards “others”? Republicans are stumbling over their own ideologies, but attracting a lot of support; from very extreme fringe groups of the polarized right! And that’s the aim of the message!

First off, “gay rights” is a fictional topic… If you don’t know another is gay, clearly he/she is protected within all the constitutional benefits… until you start looking into their bedrooms. Partnership rights have long been legalized. Once you start pondering what two guys or two gals  “do to each other” it becomes a sore topic in the eye of narrow-minded people. It explodes straight into negative emotions, especially when adding a dose of religious dogma to their head spins. That’s good for election politics: fuel what ticks off the people; to get yourself elected. It’s not the quality, training, experience a human brings to the table – it’s the color of their skin, their gender, or what they do in bed that gives politicians ammunition to hate…

Read the FRC mission statement to understand why I am confused. As a valuable human being, at the age of eight I knew, I was gay. Today, gay kids would find themselves excluded by either of the above organizations. Born into a religious surrounding they might end up forced into gay rehabilitation at the Bachman “clinic”. The FRC brandishes gays “by God, the author of life – an imperfection”.

Santorum fuddled his hate-based proclamation with phrases that included “Family values” – with the exceptions of gays and those not as “Christian” – not swaying too far of his mission statement. He recouped – half through his message – when praising the NRA.

Susan B Anthony, a woman’s rights activist, strongly rejected the notion that groups should be organized by churches and priests. As a Quaker, teacher, and agnostic she wrote down her belief, that women should be considered equal in all standards of American society, as should slaves, natives, and gays… In 1920 the 19th amendment finalized her fight and the right-to-vote was bestowed to women.

I understand why an informed Michele Bachman pretends to like her title as being hated; it’s easy for her to reflect that these “haters” are the very gays she condemns. That’s a difficult moral twist as an obeying Christian housewife (to a gay-ish husband, nonetheless…) – But she emerges as a hero to the extremely “non-gay” oriented Family Research Council and collaborates with non-liberal LLC’s. She proudly admits being heralded by groups of white supremacists while publicly hiding behind history grand figures like Susan B Anthony… A stunning contortion of true historic facts.

Sadly, her biggest support is amongst organizations that are listed on the Southern Poverty Law website as hate groups, dangerous in the least… These groups when conciliating become a huge voting pool, without exception voting for Republican candidates!  It’s a complex mess, how Christian organizations and Family Groups try to detangle their intertwined connections; creating website front pages confirming they are All-Inclusive. Some even have excerpts, explaining they hold no judgment against minorities, that the focus of their candidate, they support, and by principal being socially all-inclusive – even promoting equality – the very idiom they have no compassion for when you are found to be gay.

On the face, these politicians willfully ignore our own short history. In the days you can google the birth date of Elvis, or the views of Susan B Anthony or print out a text of the hate messages spewed by Bachman, we have endless records of her actions, her lies and her greedy deed. Ohioans, the first state to adopt the gay marriage act, elected in the same month Michele Bachman to represent the Republican party with her pressing anti-gay issues. Head shake…

I’m confident, the 2012 elections will not be a straw poll. The majority of the US population has a pretty liberal and “normal” sense for time, current world views, and dislike neo-Nazism lazed messages. Gay is not their political topic. Work, productivity, healthcare, China exports, US army contracts, education budget cuts, market corruption, famine within our borders, and drug- (access to affordable pharmacy) laws should lead political discussions.

We are fear and short-term pleasure addicts, sharing bagatelle past facts on Facebook and Twitter reducing our innate bias and once long-term views to short-worded emotionless expressions of risk-reduced messages. riddled with sponsored false information. We must be communicating what we fear about the future. Political media narrows on details to create leading stories. Our broad thinking is reduced to text message-sensations and ego-boosting dopamine trips by influencers; distraction of fashionistas, live tv dramatizations, pop scandals, and financial struggles (always to do with sex)  of a super-rich.

I fear my peers refuse to self-educate with quality information. This brooding hate seems to crack through the surface. A stink that could cause trouble. Research, read, engages in philosophical debates. Hold back your strong opinions and open your eyes, ears and mind to multiple perspectives. Watch, learn and vote. Create theories, study true history. Your individual mind should be a flexible tool. Knowledge leads to happiness.

LIE & HATE GAYS IF YOU RUN ON THE RNC TICKETIn all fairness, when watching CNN or Democrats running for office their messages leave me with an effluvium of poorly digested half-truths. American sanity has to start with our call to embrace everyone, loud, confused, opinionated and hateful as a part of our liberal land. We must find amongst ourselves a leader who is distinguished by a virtue of recognizing and voicing the essence that holds a multi-colored, religiously diversified, sexually liberated (or oppressed) Nation in constraint. Someone with decorum.

For now, I don’t grip that the Republican party has anyone on the level of President Obama’s Ghandi-esq leadership and the possibility of any of them emerging as candidates with the support of Bachman or Palin ain’t working well either… Candidates decorating themselves with feathers of what others have achieved  – in good and bad – while spewing negativity towards others that don’t vote for them anyway. 

Rick Santorum stands corrected by his odd attempt to re-word our constitutional phrase: The pursuit of happiness IS our right!

chef Raphael

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