Palin: A moose-shooting-almost-beauty Queen

In-between Convention coverage, hurricane warnings, and the never ending debacle if we are in a recession or even border depression; I am working on a project that was laid into my hands six years ago by Vincent from Spain; to write the script for a movie about the two-time Empress Koken. Under her regency, the implementation of Buddhism in Japan was established. I’m writing this as a cartoon scirpt, a very elaborate production.

I have friends traveling to New Orleans to participate in Southern Decadence; The situation is hazardous; How odd we find ourselves in the same situations; seemingly impossible to learn from experience as if this repetition of “stupidity” is actually a shadow of our existence. It ought to be convenient we can blame mother nature for it… Animals are born with instincts to live and survive, and we, the superior species, have to teach our children every step of living and coping with nature…? I wish they would evacuate now!

As a Hillary supporter, I came to respect and support the Obama movement, still scared by lacking his foreign policies credentials, not convinced about Biden as a perfect running-mate and unhappy about Barack’s lack on military leadership, having suspicious connections with underworld leaders, for degrading gay issues (being faced with discrimination himself…), and his declarations of religious believes in guiding him… although he seemingly is in support of healthcare for the poor, regulating the need for alternative energy and hopefully can deliver the promises of his powerful acceptance speech, I agree that now the choice to vote into his support might prevent a catastrophic overturn of birthrights for woman and seemingly hold religious extremists in content, especially in the face of three supreme justice nominations.

What really drives me back to vote on the Democratic ticket is the latest stunt of Republican McCain choosing an NRA Moos-shooting- almost beauty-queen as his running mate. Have we all lost our marbles? So this older man is electing a housewife, who merely has two years under her gun belt of governing 700’000 Alaskan citizens as the vice president for a world-leading role? As little as I think Obama possesses convincing nor securing international experiences, I am horrified to imagine this trigger-happy mother to guide us through world crisis… Are we all gone mad in the USA? I have had more contacts and shook people’s hands in foreign lands than she did…

I’m spooked. We all need to be very careful. We all have to think, get involved; we all need to find together, find unity, and vote. We need to stop listening to the Bush administration still lying to us about the wealth of this economy when left and right our friends are forced into foreclosure, cannot afford basic medical attention, starve, lose the right to education, burry their children coming back from a war that was dished to us in a scheme of lies… To this day, this administration is trying to convince us the Iraq harbored terrorists, had weapons of mass destruction (we will still find them…), Telling us that we are not in a recession when for six consecutive months, our spending is larger than our national productive income, inflicting the same fearful images about imaginary evil living amongst us to wiretap, secretly infringe our very rights; causing thousands of US citizen being on a government watch list; This is a terror list created by the very people that are hired to protect our rights… Any disgruntled government employee can place a “friend” on this list, and it’s seemingly impossible to be removed from it. The extreme views of Christian leaders to hate these days Us citizens for being “different” and encouraging their flock to think along the lines of discrimination is a crime this administration is fueling.

As a child, I was taught by my parents that it is a moral obligation not to voice one’s hate against another in the USA. Nowadays, one can flick through TV channels from where Preachers scream into our living rooms and ooze hate into the ears of their “followers,”; An ugly reality of distorting our rights of equality. A majority of these preachers support a nomination for president that will take away a woman’s right to choose, that is in support of anyone arming himself with a weapon as powerful as to penetrate a police bulletproof jacket, in support of discriminating about gays, a president that will elect into the highest justice chairs yet another religiously lulled judge that could constrict the freedom for some, in the name of God. These preachers are behind McCain and his almost-beauty Queen so they can grow into a religious force to spread the word of God to anyone they consider is not as good of a human as they foresee it. Often people with the strongest judgments on others seem to have traveled the least. Are rejecting any information about the “reality” in other lands, refuse to accept that religion is not a solution but often a fanatic resource, and hiding from the possibility we all carry a multiplicity of personalities in our minds; This very fear that we are all much closer in substitute and Psychic is a freighting fact.

We fear foremost to be able to love everything.
Anything extreme – is extreme. A yin and yang balance accepts that in everything,  yin is a little in yang and vice versa. Harmony is keeping these feelings linear.
I’m waiting for the Labor Day weekend to pass, knowing that this next week is bringing change for my future. I’m excited. Let’s see if there is a cooking show on the burner!

Chef Raphael

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