I should write about the newest TCM recipes or at least work on the school curriculum I wrote to teach medicinal food preperations to chefs, medical professionals, and nutritionists. Still, two weeks before the mid-term elections, I can’t resist pondering about politics, a topic that is very present in my daily life these days.

The political pendulum is not stagnant. As soon Republicans dominate the upper and lower house, the public reflection seems liberal. As it stands with a fragile Democratic majority running the Senate, the people’s cry for conservatism is huge.

A new and insulting anti-Obama movie hits the theaters; possibly a Republican variation of a Michael Moore’s half-truths-entertainment; only more aggressive and equally confusing with overplayed facts and false claims.

The very odd reality of having seriously “off-the-track” characters running for both parties to be voted into Government positions is comical; From witchcraft to Nazi Sturmbandfuhrer, the annoying ads and media propaganda are bombarding us with fact findings and word pickings that make a fair choice difficult. I understand that the burden on US citizens is strained with housing costs pressuring and socio-economic status being compared and shifted. Still, I equally believe that the reasons that are now ugly surface after this recession have been neglected.

We have become apathetic to the need of producing American made goods, spoiled our children with food that borders on criminal intent, restricted the teachers to an excess that bullies can scare a few gentle souls to commit suicide, trusting the doctors to prescribe pharma synthetics to treat hypochondriac symptoms, maxed out every plastic card mailed from greedy banks and luring mega stores, offered our sons and daughters to liberalize or democratize lands that hate and disrespect what we stand for, stretched the limits of our first amendment by people that deserve no media attention and bonded to Arabia and China our need for wasteful products which further pollute body, land and spirit.

Now we turn on President Obama, because he should have cleared this mess in the two years he’s been in power, rescued us, and made us rich, complacent, and comfortable again – bring the soldiers back from Afghanistan alive, reduce the debt, control the financial institutions, keep us healthy for a minimum of cost and give us a job that is easy and brings in lots of dough so that we can make all re-purchase a house and gamble on Wallstreet… That’s just not going to happen!

Here is my recipe for the month: Get out of your depressive position, slim down your needs and lend a hand to swing this economy back into motion. Work a little more, use some extra money and spend it on American-made products, shop in your neighborhood store, deal with your illness before you get sick, and eat healthier, the fresh farm produces to strengthen your immune system. Talk with your kids and your teacher, encourage them that you are in their support, help a neighbor in need, smile more, respect your first amendment and praise the fact you could… – that does not mean you should  – say it nicely.

Foremost: VOTE this time and give your President some slack. He has done more than most of us did in these last two years!


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