Keto: Just trying it out ain’t doing it…

As some of you know, I dived into the Keto Diet in 2018 to learn “hands-on” what the hype is all about!

Let me sum it up before boring you with some opinions:
If you’re not 100% serious about doing it scientifically correct – that must include your personal medical/physical data – and just “sorta” follow some of the trends you like on the internet (or a cool your gym buddy tells ya) – you will do damage to your system and NOT gain any benefits from your experience. Keto done wrong is actually super dangerous!

You cannot just “do Keto” and not exercise… You’re eating healthy, that’s good, but you will NOT achieve a beneficial ketonic state; never!

In my research (I’m still working on it), I have come across internet chefs claiming to be Keto-Gurus while promoting recipes where they include apple cider & Thai spiced Almonds… while claiming they have no calories or they promote “fat-burning” –  really? You are either trying to lose weight or convert fat into energy: make up your mind!
Apple Cider is made from 🍎 ( that’s NOT a Keto fruit to consume). These kinds of vinegar are sugar-based and yeast enhanced for fermentation and not an ideal choice. One tablespoon of the most over-the-counter cheap combo will throw you out of your ketonic state…

keto update, food stores filled with non-keto itemsAny (ALL) preserves or fermented foods contain preservatives, hence their categorization!  None of such food items are Keto-friendly… except honey. And now we are starting a scientifically fascinating banter about sugar in honey vs. the highly beneficial antibiotic of which you deprive your digest track while on Keto. Unless you read my Lingzhi /Reishi Mushroom blog above…

So, all your shortcuts and most of the food combos promoting healthy choices (yup, does beefy chefs in tank tops using canned foods) forget one essential fact: the combination of products you intake has a huge effect on your system. Keto in the long run – even when done correctly – is unhealthy! You “play” borderline with your PH balance, kidney stress, and digestive enzymes to an extent they can stop functioning as designed… in the long run!

It takes careful planning, and you have to have a goal in mind why you’re going this extreme route! No, strips and urine tests are not accurate. No, more than 21g total sugar intake or 41g total carb intake is NEVER possible for most human beings staying in Keto… Just not! Yes, the liquids you consume, your toothpaste (loaded with sugar that is absorbed through your gums), and some of your skin products affect your Keto state.

No, there is no such a thing as a “healthy” Keto snack bar with an expiration date two years in the future… it’s especially absurd when you start consuming products laced with artificial byproducts that are the underlying cause why you even decided you should be on Keto… for the few out there adapting a Keto lifestyle because Kardashian x is on it or Madonna blabbered about it: having cooked for both of them: they do NOT eat/live a healthy lifestyle… they manage darn well, they promote products, they too try to sustain fitness and longevity – but no, they don’t “run on Keto” – any healthy adaptation requires you to embrace ways of thinking, living, listening and speaking in a manner that supports health and happiness…

update your view on true keto

Can you imagine yourself trying?

Keto so far is a non-scientific fashion food trend, boosting product sales in all health food stores… often promoted by people that borderline wobble between burning energy from fat or protein. But it sounds soooo much better to claim “how incredible this diet feels” rather than admitting how difficult one digestive system has become. The short-lived benefits for your skin, pain management, and sleep health do not convincingly support your costly journey if you fail to meticulously follow a true Keto regiment to stay in an amazing ketonic state!

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