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Hotel Fixer

I am an expert project manager hired to support the design, modifications and constructions of boutique hotels or stressed high-end culinary businesses. I quickly adapt to any demanding, contemporary requests of today’s travelers.

With a degree in Hotel Management from the Swiss Culinary Academy I will analyze any resort business and quickly understand how my expertise can benefit your company.

My experience will expand your brand recognition, respect regional traditions and targeted solution presentation to overcome modernization while in operations.

It is foremost my personality, my appreciation for beauty, service and my established sense for excellence and contemporary cuisine that sets me aside from competitors in this arena.

My aptitude includes fusing local cultures, cost evaluation, menu development, management training, staff motivation, resort modernization and elevating your business standards.

My work as consultant chef/ Spa concept developer has achieved excellence in Europe, US and South East Asia where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Eu Yan Sang.

Management Trainer

Is your business expecting a change of management, or are you modernizing your restaurant?

I am an expert in drafting and implementing menu concepts for the F&B (Food & Beverage) section.
My training will rejuvenate kitchen efficiency, teach proper storage usage, fine-tune food presentation and beautify the guest experience in your resort destination. I design contemporary menu options, respect current cooking techniques, and can enhance your management competence. My brilliant spa menu ideas are successfully adapted to boutique hotels worldwide. From the Asian Pacific Four Season Resorts to a cozy little Swiss mountain, “Gasthaus,” I left my culinary imprints with staff and guests.
“A successful spa concept must reflect in all departments to enhance the hotel comfort and service quality of today’s smart world travelers. Many great hotels in the world struggle with a good breakfast selection that fuses local traditions. Room service selections are below their nouveau: They should hire me!”

From cleverly adjusting your current a la carte selection to incorporating modern herbal medicine menus/physiologies, I can design ideas for multi-level restaurant forums and implement team-building strategies to strengthen cross-service quality.

My sense for details will safe money in the long-run; food wastage is extremely costly!

I teach classical French cuisine, Italian specialties, pastries, spa menus, Asian-fusion cuisine, and molecular gastronomy by cooking with Sous Vide.
I’m fun and super efficient!
It takes my skill set of experiences to refine the core of your business by respecting brand recognition and highlighting your mission statement. I train your cadre staff to achieve excellence in their responsibility. My resume reflects my gentile personality; I believe in enhancing the best qualities in everyone on your team.
The first consultation is a phone call away:


Mr. Gamon has improved the overall quality of our resort. His adaptation and efficiency has surprised us; he is a very motivating individual.
Daniel Byland
Minahasa Lagoon & Resort

private consultations

I’m available to visit your private residence, destination resort, or boutique restaurant as a guest chef for an agreed duration ranging from a few days to a few weeks.
These arrangements can be modified to fit in with your current schedule and can be promoted as agreed. As a guest chef, I fulfill an assortment of duties beyond a guest contract, From drafting an attractive menu selection to hands-on participation; your staff will love to have me on their team!
I will adapt to your traditions and reflect local ingredients in my TCM menu designs.
“Trade a chef” has been done throughout the antiques to expand knowledge and share creativity. I bring aboard an immense library of world-respected culinary wisdom. I can enhance your cart with Spa-selections or help you curve wastage and over-cost.
If you plan for a special event or would like to create a promotional booster for your establishment, I’m merely a phone call away: