Botox, not what I expected…

In the past, my blogs promoted food products, TCM remedies, and travel experiences, all mixed with a touch of personal views and political ranting. As Private Chefs within the  Estate Managers Association we are super cautious when promoting personal services: We rely on hands-on experience and facts!  During January’s 2014 meeting of the EMC (Estate Manager Coalition), I was introduced to Clinical Director Lovely and her husband, Jake Laban from Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica. Yup, this is about Botox…

What a small world: I met a beauty professional in Beverly Hills! Ah, yes – I too look into the mirror with wondrous eyes: What the heck…?

Botox a skin by Lovely treatmentI express no fear of appearing original. As my close friends will quickly confirm, “there is hardly anyone as simple about their hair, fashion, and exterior …” Self-appearance to me is embracing seasons, waving off the notion of visual beauty by appreciating my aging, and foremost focused on how I reflect in the heart of others.

Working as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) chef in Hollywood certainly confronts me with every aspect of adjusting to life, intending to stay healthy, fit, and sharp. That includes the sometimes odd struggles we witness of public figures trying to defy vanishing good looks – by replicating an advertised “beauty-standard” of modern media.

My grandmother had such lovely “happy lines” (some know them as ‘wolf lines’) around the edges of her eyes –her beautiful face exhibited comfort, wisdom, and happiness.

I also remember the moments she carried me out of the bathtub, wrapped in a plush towel, kneeling to my level and gently applying cream onto my face while encouraging me to take care of my skin. Bathing was a spa moment. She, too, with all her simplicity, understood the need to take care of our body.

Now, having celebrated 50+ years rushing through life, I’m confident that those moments – when I engaged in caring for my exterior reflection – have preserved me from too much damage. Today I look into the mirror with the mindset of a twenty-one-year-old and ponder about the wrinkles. Hey, I’m not quite ready!

Why not boasting my ego a bit? Modern science provides us with simple and effective opportunities to improve our morals. From a TCM perspective, we encourage you to engage in soul-boosting activities. We live in a toxic world, and professional, gentile treatment by a qualified healthcare professional is a perfect solution.

This is not about “altering”  – the magic is in enhancing, preserving, and health.

skin by lovely botoxSKIN by LOVELY came highly recommended to me, I agreed to an appointment. Lovely and her Team invited me to their medical office in Santa Monica for a consultation. Walking from Wilshire Blvd into the tranquility of her office instantly reassured me that I was in professional hands. Aided by the chocolate truffles and coffee machine, I quickly found comfort in talking about the possibilities available. This is a perfect fit for VIP principals to consult any of their beauty questions.

The team is a stellar cast! Lovely herself is a leading trainer in her professional trade; I learned that Skin by Lovely is actually the busiest Botox clinic on the Westside and one of the busiest in the country, so I knew I was in the hands of a true expert.  Her second VIP office space is perfectly suited for celebrity treatments, with a discreet elevator entrance from a secure parking structure directly beneath.  Or, you can hire her specialized care for a ‘house-call.’ There were no uncertain moments, no pain, and I actually walked away as if I had a coffee break with a good friend. My comfort level was completely intact. I went back to work, having never used the word “vanity”…

Thank you, Lovely and Team!

chef raphael