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Cooking with traditional chinese medicine

It’s okay if you have no clue about TCM: You will have tons of fun learning that most ingredients that we use in our class are the “all-day” familiar items in your life. Merely now you’re going to learn what happens with the food in your system. Why do we have reactions, why can’t we sleep, how chronic conditions are controllable through food, how to boost your immune system, counter act pain, aid healing and foremost ERADICATING THE MYTH OF TCM.

Undeniably it is time we start looking at the impact our intake has on the body and this class will give each and every one of you the tools and wisdom to individually and self-sufficiently adjust your eating habits without forfeiting the flavors and the familiar cravings. After this class you will be able to walk into a health food store without feeling intimidated by products, actually able to suggest simple and effective solutions to friends, family and yourself.

There are a few items I need you to bring to this class:

– an open mind, but please voice all your questions
– a pen
– your camera, iphone (for pictures only) or computer…

The TCM cookbook can be purchased in advance or in class.

“Nature in her perfect balance offers solutions that can aid our wellbeing in most every situation – if only we allow oneself to be curious and re-informed about alternative, proven knowledge in a contemporary complex world”.

Treating the symptoms, not finding the cure – it’s the oldest trick in town and hits the biggest issue in Healthcare. Now imagine that we can literally cook our way to healthier living and fewer ailments. Less doctors visits. Cheaper medical bills. While politicians of the world haggle over what’s best, they are ignoring using the easiest solution right in the kitchen of their homes.

The food that we eat can make a major difference to our long term health… if we learn to eat properly; understand the harmony of plants within our body and adjust accordingly to a polluted and increasingly stressful world. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), yoga and acupuncture have been around for 3000 years. It is a well-studied method of integrating traditional herbs and methods into our life to support a healthy diet and to significantly aid the way we feel.

This is no hocus-pocus potions and remedies. It is an accepted form of lifestyle that still is practiced in Asia since, well before the USA was discovered! And now, with Raphael’s TCM cook book this wisdom is available to you too. TCM chef Raphael teaches a fascinating seminar on how you can grasp the basics of preparing menus that are tasty, how to boost your immune system, and presents a clever class that immediately can aid you through tough times. A masterfully designed course for any age!

Based on the five elements, he shows how to cook with flair using Chinese yams, which balance hormones and strengthen the stomach. Discover how red dates and wolfberries, will increase blood circulation and when feeling tired, learn about infusing Western ginseng that’ll help revitalize one’s energy. Learn how to control psychological and physiological balance with simply understanding the power of all we intake.