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TCMchef Raphael’s cookbook

An incredible journey of my life has started: I am very excited to announce that I have now committed to teaching TCM Seminars for anyone interested in learning about the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Unlike in Asia or Europe, where there is a much stronger connection to herbology and an inherited understanding of the powers of everything we ingest, here in the USA, I had to develop a TCM cookbook, which TCM and foods with plenty of recipes and healthy suggestions.

My consultations are intended to give you an insight into natural resources available if you need life-changing adjustments, be it cancer, sleep management, coping with pain, recovering from addiction, and embracing life-changing medical news. I share my training with nutritionists, health workers, and foremost people in need of changing their lifestyles. You should know about all nature has to offer us and how together with Western medicine, you can adapt solutions in supporting a healthy, immune preserving, and life-generating transformation.

A life with TCM can restore confidence, overall health, fight pollutants and toxins, and support mind, body and endurance. I will connect you with bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and their chefs that share the same philosophy.

Check out the course pages for more information, or sign up for a personalized ZOOM meeting.

TCMchef Raphael Gamon

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