Anyone who wants to live healthy could adapt to a lifestyle that includes medicinal foods and embrace that TCM is a healthcare solution against what keeps most of us sick…

Last night, the monumental Health Care Bill voted on by the US House of Representatives has opened the door to a new future for the American lifestyle and care: Insurance Groups and their Pharmaceutical patrons have fought a grueling battle trying to prevent the government from forcing control and justice for poor and uninsured people with the preconditioned illness to access a fair share in a doctors office, hospital and financed long-term care. This care has to include correct nutrition! This care should include Traditional Chinese medicine as a long-term solution to prevent illness… I dream on!

Surely the details of this bill will be fought out in State and Government courts for years to come, bringing to the forefront the unsolved dilemma about legal immigrants and fueling the T-party phenomenon to voice slanderous lingua and protest against healthcare they all surely need themselves. From their posture, by their skin, hair, and breathing, I can tell that a large group of ill folks is angered about something that has nothing to do with compassion and logic about health care.

It is hard to witness not 0ne single Republican could find it in their heart to vote for a proposal that intellectually is a must-have for all. Instead, with their divided opinions, they stubbornly voted along party lines; because their sense for re-election is much stronger vs. the need of their constituents needing basic health coverage. It’s an ugly reality to listen to when angry talk hosts and radio broadcasters defend their misguided notion by slandering the logical fact: We live in a polluted world… We are a sickly nation and need help. Because of lack of FDA oversight, we need doctors to sell us medicines we actually don’t need… We have no insurance that includes giving us food advice that could help. Drugmakers know that; support that, and benefit from it.  They lobby our elected representatives, and they make sure this simple truth stays hidden!

Once you experience a car crash, once you discover you are terminally ill, once you hold your sick child in your hands… it (should) matter little what your political affiliation is. If it is about your health or even your life, possibly you would care little for the bill voted on: you would demand help! Yet, most of what makes us sick could be prevented.

This great healthcare achievement by the Obama administration is flattening the road to a powerful political future and great International respect for the United States. My perception is that this Nation, at war on several fronts to enhance Democracy in foreign lands, finally achieves a basic provision at home. Finally, some justice to many long-term ill citizens, even undocumented taxpaying workers, hiding fear of rejection – will at least have medical care available. Insurance Groups will have to oblige to an open policy competition. They cannot deny anyone equal healthcare and injustice as brutal as any war-field triage by a status quo.

Now is the time for the Obama administration to promote a healthy lifestyle. Kids in school should be strictly protected from processed foods, chemical by-products, and artificially and synthetically manipulated substances. Implement TCM fused cuisine! Teach parents and acceptable snacks – and punish the processed food makers that poison us with dangerous products and false claims!

I know, I dream on: Michelle Obama even invites celebrity TV chefs that could care less about the medicinal benefit of foods but promote her bizarre understanding of what should be healthy school foods… Tragic!

We need to bring back fresh and sane choices to prevent the horrid side effects and chronic illnesses that have weakened our younger generations and kill the baby boomers in retirement homes. We need to learn the difference between “good” foods and “good tasting” foods and promote chefs that can cook healthy, not chefs that are TV stars, selling us their frozen pizza variations! We should not invite larger-than-life chefs to the White House to cook pork and deep-fry meals with vegetables as “side-dish,” grown in the toxic rose-garden by Michelle Obama. Girl, how could you? You had me halfway with the veggie-garden idea… but TV chefs with no wisdom about medicinal cuisine should never promote your cause! We should teach that fresh veggies are more important to our immune system when eaten regularly and as main dishes.

There is much to learn and regain for a healthy US future generation. Let’s start with tackling the origin of our problems and stop patching up the symptoms.

Preventative approach, everyone! Stay informed: TCMchef Raphael.

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