TCMchef Raphael shares a heartfelt opinion about the missed opportunity by the First Lady, Michelle Obama to introduce TCM solutions in her $10-billion childhood obese program “LET’S MOVE“…

Amongst them, angry voices, angry querulants participating in anything destructive, merely for the fun of it… Compassionate ideologies and awkward protesters against “anything change….”
“It’s US democracy at her best….” I hear news proclaiming. No, it is not. It is the cry from the graves, the agony of the ill that heckles loudest. The reason why they are sick and angry is not democratic. They are poisoned by lack of oversight by the FDA, pharmaceutical kingpins, and local politicians cutting shady deals that keep sickly poor people without insurance or over-medicated. It’s the cry of victims of a much larger crime than the lack of available healthcare and medical coverage…

America is the master in the cover-up and denial theory. Confucius in its best. I hear Nurse’s warning of the onslaught of unregistered and foreign citizens draining the health care funds. They actually are healthier by percentage! I listen to educated doctors lying about the health facts, uninformed about nutritional solutions, constraint by hospital regulations to share medicinal food ideas, and often unhealthy themselves relating to pushing pharmaceuticals that have horrid side-effects. They even receive incentives to push a poorly approved drug. The very dilemma is why chemicals are pumped into you by insurance providers owned by the administered pharmaceutical company producing them… an uncontrolled deadly catch22 of hospitals providing pharma Barrons that own insurance groups that control your medicines that cause side effects…

So, we blame “illegals”… These immigrants often come from cultures with respected herbal traditions and only end up in the emergency room when gravely ill. Compared to the average City Mom dragging her sniffling child to any doctor that prescribes antibiotics without even asking a question… The hate towards foreigners often is a cover for racism. There is no medicinal herb for that either… Education is a bitch, but it would help…

Sure, MediCare sucks. I laugh when Obama’s team tries to change the system of uneducated idiots running national health care – to be efficient and helping millions… In the US, a  TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) takes 45 days to be approved or declined: Tell a pregnant woman that a guy with a slipped disk requires an MRI… A forty-five-day waiting period because of an inept government bureaucracy is not acceptable. Administrative employees without a medical background are in charge of approving or denying an emergency procedure? Obama? Seriously, you have to accept the deal by not changing what renders the Insurance in control of every provision and in full control of who receives help. Often without a medical valuable input! The healthcare agreements give indirect power to the pharmaceutical companies that own the insurance groups, control the hospitals, and manipulate indiscriminately who receives medical help.

Your Senator, down to your local elected officeholder, will gladly take the lobbied incentives to guarantee this powerplay will not change! The same pharmaceuticals have the FDA and sometimes even the CDC by her balls, manipulating the rules and pushing more toxic products into the marketplace for a quick approval.

The US hospitals reject anyone who does not want to participate in drug treatment dictated by the insurance groups. Doctors are requested NOT to encourage herbal medicines… Yes, anyone trying to add alternative treatment to their Western care runs the risk of being rejected by their Insurance Groups. TCM was once a respected alternative provision.  I follow some university hospitals that provide osteopathic recommendations and other alternative ideas, but you run the risk of being “dropped” by your insurance provider for going “rogue.”  This process drowns out herbalists and promoters of preventative care. Where is the well-researched educated notion of preventative treatment in the US? Government-sponsored prevention based on Natural wisdom?

Everyone could live healthier by adding Lemongrass, Yam, and Alfalfa sprouts to strengthen the immune system and prevent the seasonal viruses from spreading effectively? A strange concept to even doctors. We withhold basic established health suggestions from kids going to school with processed food in their lunchboxes… Nothing natural! Now, remember when Michelle Obama plants salads in her toxic White House garden, but never, NEVER mentions the TCM benefits of eating fresh, healthy foods! She totally failed by introducing a thousand years of the unshakable fact that fresh herbs can prevent disease, cure ailments, help mental development. Yes, she said it’s healthy… but stopped short of explaining why!

These young carnivorous kids grow up believing their longevity requires them to pumping their antibiotics overloaded bodies full of more toxins to balance their ADHD and that they need to boost their brain with dead vitamins. Their image of a healthy body is nourished with preserved, processed, frozen meals. Straight teeth and super skin aside, most of them have no clue why we have a spleen, a pancreas, or where the heck the thyroid is located… A doctor is there to heal. They are scared to death of n.ot being hip and unaware that death is directly determined by how we nourish our body. It’s shocking to me how much self-abuse is tolerated by parents who would be quick to claim their child would never contemplate suicide…

CNN broadcasted a story about a 600lbs teen trying to get gastric bypass surgery. The “core” of the story was the lack of compassion from the insurance group. I thought the abusive mother and all family members on the screen should be thrown to jail. That big boy needs to get his fat ass whacked and put on an exercise routine. I’d tell him he is a lazy fucking bastard. I actually took sides with the insurance not giving in to the sick demand of surgery. See an herbalist; The entire family has a mental problem!

Schoolboards should outlaw colored and artificially sweetened drinks being sold to kids on educational grounds? We must ban re-processed meat from being sold to school kitchens throughout the US! Obama should have scolded the companies that make your Nation horribly sick and ask his beautiful wife not to educate kids with lethal veggie from a toxic garden. However, that salad might have been less deadly compared to the junk served in the school canteen…

The information is there for educated parents: We know the junk and crap we push into our system is bad. But we keep doing it…bloody addicts! In the 1930s, we started to become desperately in need of a health care system with pills and doctors. The years we regulated that herbal medicine should not be a part of modern health insurance. As if we should have the right to poison our bodies and have a miracle hospital around the corner giving us a guaranteed life extension because around the same time, we started to consume more processed food vs. garden-fresh meals. Blinded to the fact that we are the result of what we consume and inhale; Physically and Mentally.  We are dangerous individuals; to ourselves. Healthy ideas and healthy people are so bloody boring.

Intelligent minds realize that the few who live a healthy and balanced being don’t need to brag and promote it. Healthy minds and bodies are not concerned about the imminent need for hospital access. A healthy soul even knows when to let go. Maybe the silence on the TCM/herbalist side is an eerie reminder that the struggle belongs to the abusers in this matter.

 Educate the kids. Please, please stop feeding them crap. Simply THAT would save MediCare.

TCmchef Raphael

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