A cure to your health woes? (published 10/05/2010)

Article was written by Elizabeth Mutambara

Pick up a toy, a dinner plate or even an electronic good and chances are you will see a ‘Made in China’ tag.

It shouldn’t surprise you though; after all, the Chinese people have been making and inventing things for a long time: paper, the compass, gunpowder and printing have all originated from China.

The Chinese also invented technologies that involve mechanics, hydraulics, and mathematics applied to things such as astronomy, agriculture, music theory, engineering, nautics, craftmanship and warfare.

They have also, for centuries, been practicing a form of traditional medicine based on the philosophical concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete and sophisticated interconnected systems that work in balance to maintain the healthy function of the body.

Chef Raphael Gamon (pictured) says that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reduces not only the doctor visits and ailments, but it also reduces the medical bills.

TCM has been around for over 3000 years and integrates traditional herbs into cooking, which help supports a healthy diet and improve the way you feel.

“The food that we eat can make a major difference to our long-term health, if we learn to eat properly, which is where TCM comes into play,” Raphael says.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t going to bore on about cutting our meat and eating your veggies – TCM is about cooking for taste, for health and for enjoyment.”

And by eating certain foods, you help your body maintain that healthy function.

For example, consuming the Chinese yam is reportedly supposed to help balance your hormones and strengthen the stomach while red dates and goji berries are meant to increase your blood circulation.

“This is not hocus-pocus potions and remedies. It is an accepted form of cuisine that they have been enjoying tastefully in Asia since well before the USA was discovered,” Raphael says.

However, consuming certain Chinese herbal medicine involves a risk of allergic reactions (like most foods) and in rare cases, there may be poisoning.

Poisoning is usually due to introducing toxic herbs in your diet, which thankfully, are not available in most western countries.


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