The HEALTHCARE SOLUTION in the USA should incorporate TCM medicine!

Turbulent days have passed, and gray haze murks the horizon in Los Angeles; we live in a polluted world, physically and psychologically. Take a step outside, after the sun has gone down, one short-lived minute, look up to the sky and take a deep breath – and another one. It’s okay.  Control your lungs for a moment, feel your heartbeat, relax the speed of breathing, let your shoulders hang, embrace the fact you are alive and in kicking. Let us incorporate the obvious: the US healthcare profile would adapt the perfect (cheap) solution by cooking with medicinal TCM!

While Obama is “selling” his idea of a healthcare plan for everyone and how to deal with the burden of ill people draining the funds available for tests, doctors, and treatment, his administration displays ignorance to the cause of the dilemma; thee foods we eat. Years of avoiding to call it out: What we consume from food shelves and drink from the faucets makes us sick. The Air, the food and the media – the liquids, the drugs and the images; it all pollutes our body and mind. Younger people suffer from allergies, and obesity is rampant while parents struggle with health issues that affect the old. We lack exercise, cancer, diabetes and mental health affects more people than ever before. We are over-medicated. Feeling better but being toxic does not equal “better….”

Pharmaceutical research seems slow in developing drugs that effectively treat symptoms. We are bombarded with advertisements of “natural” remedies that cure. Void anything that  “heals”! We usually treat the symptom without controlling the cause of our illness. We have become manipulated by the thought that we can consume and live in excess because there will be a pill or a cure for anything. Oddly, there is no pill sold for this. Neither do we have a cure for hair growth or a pill to extend life!

“Hope” makes us gullible? We consume many poisonous products, lazed with food colorations, preservatives, and trans-fatty acids, processed “natural” foods, chemically “enhanced” sweets and salty fake foods. We acknowledge that this ought to have a consequence… Only when we get ill, we try to “cover-up” the pain, prevent infections not to surface, interrupt defensive body reactions, and suppress the immune response. All to maintain self-destructive habits…

Is it not suspicious that the pharma corporations often are the stakeholders, shareholders, owners of these candy factories, and fast food producers that make us sick, fat, addicted, and kill us early? Do Pharma subsidiaries often own cookie factories, artificial butter firms, and soda production lines? Even Healthcare providers cashing in on the baby food business provide us with facial creams, anything you smear and plaster onto your body? The executives that sell cigarette and vaping lines have their fingers in health insurance groups, own hospitals, and some products, even chemicals used in warfare…

Michael Jackson died because he manipulated access to Western drugs he should not have taken. Simply a tea brewed from the flowers of passion fruit would have induced comforting sleep. A recipe that has been out there for four thousand years… Just, it sounds so much easier to pop a pill!

As much as I have studied and learned about the simple solutions available to all of us when preventing illness, I wish I’d be invited on a  TV cooking show, highlighting the access we have to soothe, care, and strengthen our bodies; with natural remedies… Producers tell me that’s too boring. Americans are not ready for a TCM cooking show.  They are dying and have no health insurance, and Western medicine is killing the rich! Not ready?

There is no cure in nature to heal cancer, but we can stop the rapid growth.  We have well-researched natural remedies that can support science-based treatment to eliminate cancerous growth and even activate apoptosis… But not a “singular natural cure…” We are the result of what we have done in the past. But we can make it better now, for the future. With little natural adjustments, healthy products, and well-rehearsed methods cheaply available to everyone, we can make cancerous cells self-destruct. We can extend quality of life, and we must teach our children how to eat correctly. We should change their understanding so their future does not rely on consuming toxins to cover up reactions… Get me that TV show; I’ll make it nail-biting interesting.

The highlight of my last two weeks was helping my neighbors’ dog to walk again. After their Vet said, he would die. He now dances around me. I helped another neighbor with their health complaints, and I will have to be patient in my quest to share my knowledge with a bigger audience to bring the TCM message with solutions for all – via a TV show. It’s so frustrating watching the healthcare debacle in the Senate.  Sickly older men and women, lobbied by big pharmaceutical incentives, to keep us ill… In a way, I agree, we deserve to be sick, gosh, look around, we behave poorly!

I will go outside, relax my shoulders, look up to the sky and take a deep breath (of this polluted air). I will feel my heartbeat and soon, with a smile, realize that life is beautiful…

TCMchef Raphael

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