consulting chef Raphael Gamon

I am available immediately to step into my next responsibility and assist with my expertise in rejuvenating Resort destinations, Spa businesses, and boutique Hotels. As a consulting chef specialized in developing and training Spa menu concepts, I help multi-level Restaurant forums implement a much thought-after niche of health cuisine. Today’s world travelers expect high-quality foods that encompass smart food choices catering to a health-aware clientele expecting wise nutritional options. My focus is Team Building strategies to strengthen service quality. I train chefs and F&B service staff to comprehend the medicinal benefits of food prepared and served fully.

I have assisted in the construction and finalization of F&B modifications, adjusted stressed businesses to adapt to the demanding requests of today’s travelers. My experiences expand brand recognition and target solutions & presentations to overcome modernization while in operations.

My forte is to quickly refine the core mission of your service in search of expanding or expanding the health service-oriented concepts. I will train/motivate staff to achieve excellence during implementation.  My world-culinary pallet fused with respected TCM wisdom will help you successfully add menu selection with service standards and Spa presentations that will attract local and foreign visitors. From room service to your Spa options, enhancing a guest experience with smartly fused healthy options is today’s global priority for a top destination.

consulting TCMchef Raphael Gamon

I’m a diligent, meticulous mentor with a kind approach to work in a team. My resume reflects my gentile methodology, for I believe in enhancing the best in everyone.

My work as Consultant Chef/ TCM Spa Concept developer has achieved excellence in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia, where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through my curricular activities, i.e., Scuba Dive Instructor and Spa Chef-Instructor – I present broad expertise in enhancing and reviving any Hotel concept to their top level of service.

Please feel free to consult with your specific questions;

TCMchef Raphael

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