It rains every day a few hours in Singapore, this is the season. Christmas decorations dominate on Orchard Street and unfamiliar over-the-top kitsch in display windows invite the curious; the Asian way of celebrating is a bit extravagant, too many colors, glitter and plastic ornaments mottled with religions create this bizarre advertisement for the shopping crazy inhabitants of this South Asia island. I sometimes feel overwhelmed living in a city with a general curricular activity consisting foremost of eating and shopping.
My position as Executive Chef to this project matures to be an important one for both sides involved. After boot camp last week I found myself bonding with the core team now aboard for quite a while. Although we are still short on chefs for the kitchen operations I am now confident I can realize my menu suggestions into a spa cuisine menu and the excitement is rising with every day we are preparing towards opening day on December 10th. If only I could draw more attention to the fact; a well trained and fully equipped kitchen staff is the core operations of a restaurant… So far I struggle to gain such respect.
Red white & pure is still showing little doubts around me and with me; my personality is unusual composed compared to most chefs out there and I care and brag little about my true talent until I am in cooking action. I long learned that the positive energies of the Universe indeed had a hand in this match making and to fuel optimistic energies are the most important in our successful forthcoming, regardless of titles, money and talent.
This unique chance to study TCM and participate in a venture that concentrates on the well being for others is self rewarding. Everyone puts their soul into this project. No worries – I have not turned religious, just realizing the possibilities of our business and dancing on the ceiling about the chance to be aboard. I have rarely found myself this happy working this hard.
I go to bed tired and have no life on my own. No need for complains; I have still not received my furniture shipped from Los Angeles three month ago.
Check out the sample menus on the website showing off the way we are incorporating Chinese Herbs in our concoctions. The menus read as an educational experience for the few that want to learn something about the healing entities in all we intake.
My dream is to publish a very special cookbook; A reference in the usage of TCM with healthy food preparations and a home-kitchen guide that can be resourced for all health troubles that are pondering modern city living. People active in nature have a better connection with healing plants compare to city people who are disconnected from instinctive knowledge.  I will present a cookbook that helps anyone  from simply eating better to cancer patients needing a tasty choice to cook. All of us need to re-discover that magic that grows amongst us and learn that prevention is better than healing.
For now I am spending most days educating and often defending my perspectives of cooking and slowly I am gaining respect for my wisdom and my kind personality. I still have not shown my devilish talents on the stove, but soon, soon…

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