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The world in turmoil and I am managing a mayor spring cleaning and overhaul of all departments. There is something soothing about cleaning your house when the world around you is in disarray. It gives you time to ponder, while waxing a piece of furniture that possibly has very little meaning to someone else…

At such meditative moments I come to appreciate that the power of finding peace within, it is learning to be happy with what we have and not measuring life by what wo would like to have. Here in a Hotel environment the simplicity of ones private home is stretched to the offices, the kitchen and restaurant, bar, pool, cottages and landscape. All together I have about 80 people involved, including the construction team enhancing our property. Rain is interrupting, especially when changing the roofs, but all in all these people can work and once you look after them they give lots in return. Some don’t but that could be changes…

I’ve taken on another duty of fixing up a house of one of the employees, seeing how he lived in the shack with his wife and daughter churned my stomach and I had to spring in. So first we are building a toilet and bathroom, a kitchen and getting a proper roof on the house. As it is, the family sleeps on the dirt floor and basically has to beg their neighbor when needing a shower or washing something. It’s my weak side, I have to help.       Q was here, visiting supposedly for a week but hurried after two days to assignment in Jakarta where Suharto is clinching on to life. Two days ago 500 buildings burned down in the slums of Jakarta, someone left a burner on and the wind caused the fire to churn through the village. Nobody knows how many died… But this story never made it into mainstream media.

I’m really confronted with the third world aspects of life. Yes, there are hungry people in Africa and yes, many places in the world suffer illness, are washed away by floods and vanish without the media attention, but here by the borders of the jungle life teaches me to respect and cherish life we often take for granted. I might not come back to Los Angeles a wealthy men but certainly rich. I am needed here.

I have started a mini research project; trying to gather infomration on coral bleaching, something that is curiously fast spreading in some parts of the Bunaken National park. I cant get anyone from our local enviromental groups interrested in this discovery, seemingly they are all busy collecting COT’s (Crown of Thorns) by the hundreds claiming to do the right thing in protecting our reefs. As soon I am refrencing to research study sternly advising not to touch these purple sea-stars because they release hundreds of eggs when agitated; I get harsh responses; like I am uneducated and against assisting a good project. Interrestingly I’ve witnessed this collecting of COT’s in plastic baskets being dragged around under wather and seeminly the problem is exponantionally getting worse. I have a strong feeling we should be better educated about the actions implemented and open our stubborn minds to all inputs available before possibly causing larger damage than intended.

Heck, I have my hands full trying to run this place. All in all I enjoy being here; until I feel resistance…

To keep the balance even, I am starting to fancy about “normal” life again. As much as I’ve investing my personal energies into these ventures I am daily confronted with my “real world values” and the missing opportunities at home. I’m not fully satisfied with “giving it all” for what is on my plate at the end of each shift. I also simply crave good management, something I am forced to accept as impossible out here. I’d be a loner if I tried.      Like any new year I am blessed to adventure into a next period of life. Thank you to all my friends and the support I receive from this site. To me, the world has become more beautiful and I understand that taking care of my self is very important. Nobody will respect you as much as you can to your self! If there is something that comes close to a resolution for 2008 I’d say; Living as many happy days as I can manage. This requires that I set myself into a surrounding where I am fully accepted, supported and respected. That will be my goal for this year.

I’m so happy I have Q in my life; it all would be half as easy without knowing I have a soul on this earth that sincerely cares for me and will hold my hand whenever I need support.

Oh, and yes; This is the year for Democrats to take back the White House!


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