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Another eventful month has slowly passed by. My long days working in the kitchen and office are monotone at times and getting this baby up and running is much more of a challenge than anticipated. At first I had a few difficult week, trying to educate the house on the need of staff to fulfill the increasing media requests and finally got my foot in the door; we are now expanding into stage three. This is for any F&B business the most vulnerable of moments, when holding on the origin ideas but adjusting to the client demands and not being manipulated away from our mission statement. Although the reins to this concept is sturdy in my hands the wagon is new, the wheels untested and the road is a bumpy one. I got some good horses spanned before this car but the interior is lacking the plush and comfort I ought to have when presenting this journey as a pleasant one.

Atop of all the menu writings, testing of products, cooking with unfamiliar herbs, extracting flavors, adjusting recipes and foremost training the staff, I am participating with TV crews cooking-shows and many magazine layout photographers, all in all a bit too much too fast. My personal life is reduced to sleeping little and regretting having a gym member ship paid, of which I took advantage a lousy five times since working here in Singapore. I promise to change this from this week on forward and allow myself more time-out and healthy curricular activities. I’m pale, thin and agitated and in desperate need of brain vacation. I need a break, seriously.

I re-started with the dusty project of the cooking book. The Modern Chinese Medicine Chefs Manual (MCM). It could be a five-part guide separated by the five Buddhist and TCM elements of Water, Metal, Fire, Wood and Earth. The first chapter is dedicated to Metal; the color is white. The herbs and minerals introduced will be essential for the treatment and enhancement of the Lungs. This first episode will be a resource and a perfect introduction into the magical world of cooking with TCM’s. A reflection of how I experience this adventure and a manual assisting anyone in need for food preparations having to pay attention to eating foods boosting a immune deprived body; be it because of Cancer treatment or anything to do with ailing Lungs, addiction, post-op recuperation, and pregnancy. Clearly, by incorporating TCM into the meals one definitely enhances the immune system preventing modern illness from controling us. In an ideal world we all become more re-familiarized with the natural powers available to us through TCM’s before reaching to easy available Western alternatives which most certainly cause toxic side effects.

I am visiting Burma and Bali in the coming weeks and hopefully even get to dive at both places. I miss being in the meditative calmness of the ocean belly, amazed about the beautiful world below us. Life is going on.

Let us all be strong, hold back our emotions and send good energies for a swift release of 15 young souls, innocently constricted into a political display of bullish attitudes and unnecessary power displays. The whole world seems to be going crazy. All this while nature is collapsing atop of it. We are playing with fires we don’t understand.

Enjoy the clipings of the cooking show,


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