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The last two days we had no phone service. Hey, it’s an Island. The moon cycle is creating a bizarre phenomenon on the beach front, the water is dramatically reseeding and leaving arriving tourists with an utter surprised look on their face when they have to walk ashore. Some even ask if “this is the beach”? A few hours later the water is back and all looks like the old romance again. I caught a few local kids with snorkel-masks toddling in the coral mud; disappointed and pointing to where the water had gone.

The highlight of the kitchen today was the successful creation of Brioche. Gosh I love having a pastry section. We already mastered the apple strudel and the Florentine Torte. It is a meringue cake without flour and I am training the Pastry section for a Wedding Cake competition in Bangkok on June 22nd. This is a challenge, considering they have never constructed anything like this. The theme is “Flowers of Passion”; I imagine a pond with water Lilies and on the upper cake level two pink swans with their heads together, shaped like a heart.

My Thai speaking is getting better, although the fluctuations of upper and lower sounds that change the same word into completely different meanings is tricky. Apparently this morning I said to the lady-boy in cold kitchen “I had an orgasm” although I was trying to say: The paperwork is done! Such incidents cause great laughter and leave me terribly stranded. In revenge I have published a picture of a message left on the white board in my kitchen. It should say: To the morning Steward: Please leave the Tacada (Restaurant) keys for me. This one took a while to decipher.

Food for lunch today was so spicy I’m afraid I’ve burned my stomach lining (and what else?) It ought to be healthy eating rice everyday, the many vegetables and the light but chili-hot broth. I did ask what the “greens” were in my dish and received a surprising respond when one of my chefs pointed at the tree above me and nodded. I’m very assured now that there is enough food on this Island! However I have to get used to the large night-moths, still not certain what they are called, but those noisy creatures are collected here and deep-fried shared as a snack amongst my staff. I frankly rather lick the bottom of my shoes (or keep eating poached trees) before eating insects, regardless if they taste like “potato”.

I am exited to go on a dive excursion tomorrow, the first one since I am back in Thailand. This region is worldwide known to be one of the top dive spots and indeed offers spectacular reefs and sea live. I recommend coming to Thailand for dive courses and PADI license, since it is by far the most affordable of dive opportunities in the world. Come to Zeavola! Talking about: Conde Naste magazine just quoted us as one of the worlds 60 top vacation Hotels! This is quite an honor.

Here is a recipe for the Thai fans:

Massamun Gai (two people)

Chicken drum sticks w/bone  300g Soy Bean oil for frying  15g

Potato steamed large chunks   400g

Peanuts roasted   50g

Fish Sauce    25g

Massamun Curry paste  40g

Shallots finely chopped   40g

Onions Brown (red or white)  40g

Cinnamon sticks    4  

Anis Star whole   4

Chicken Flavor (Knorr)   10g

Palm Sugar   20g

Soya (Soybean Sauce)   15g

Coconut milk    250g

Roast or bake the chicken legs while you prepare the ingredients: chop the shallots finely and the Onions in larger junks. For three minutes roast all the ingredients and spices together in a hot fry-pan (wok) except the coconut milk. Add the Chicken legs and coconut milk and simmer for ten minutes more; ready to serve!

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