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Yes, 45 today… Amazing how life seems faster every year. I’m back in Los Angeles and I got all your messages in support and even the curious ones about what happened in the last two month. Lots! After hurrying back to the US to be in support of Q who seriously side stepped his carrier and life… I found myself in a huge dilemma on pretty much all fronts. I signed a lease with the first apartment I looked at in West Hollywood and went to work as residence Manager in Bel Air for an interior decorator. That short employment ended after a very loudmouthed florist, hired to decorate the residence for an HBO “anti-gay discrimination” advertisement launching, gossiped to my new employee about my past participation in porn… Mmmmh, is it not ironic that under such “promotional” circumstances I was let go…?
It would all been a quite ‘exit’ if not a very sneaky CFO had to continue to spread further rumors, as if I’ve anything to hide and he could damage my reputation. It is utterly disappointing that the very souls living amongst my own segregated community are often the most evil when abusing others based on their idea of moral and correctness, creating an even larger gap in a society that is trying to adjust to the liberalism of a world much larger than the US. We are still struggling with comprehending our lack for compassion, respecting everyone living amongst us without moral judgment or fear someone else’s “image” could blemish ones own false pretense of “normal…” What does it matter in 2008 if someone is gay, obese, short, black, religiously different, quirky in his privacy as long he is not forcing others to accept his lifestyle? I sat there, when being explained “…it did not work out… it had nothing to do with my person, actually they liked me a lot… the economy and with a new apartment in New York, they would not need my service…” lies after lies; Imagine what the Labor Department would say to such insult… No need to quarrel, time is more powerful than anything I could do in defense. What goes around, comes around…
I received an e-mail from Herb in New York (thank you my friend) confirming the suspicion I had that my termination was about my moral past. The e-mail received from Los Angeles confirmed: Seemingly last weekend the fore spoken CFO’s gossip machine was the party-chat in Hollywood. I’m amused my termination had something to do with how others perceive my person to be by a naked image merely contributing to fantasies of hidden private moments. I’m lucky not to be involved further with such seemingly morally better balanced gay people; I’m embracing that all that is happening is presenting new opportunities.
And they are! I’m in the process of pitching the TCM chef cooking show to television networks. Check this out and please please send it to all your friends and encourage them too to forward the link… I need to get a buzz going… Thank you for supporting me!
And my television script, Lagrimas Negras is currently being casted for a table reading by the end of July. This is a funny production; a Latino cross-over comedy a mixture of sex in the city and queer as folk with cultural flare. I’m soooo busy.
The TCMchef.com website is being designed by Htun in Singapore, he better be working on it! As soon as the site is running you will have access to a wonderful data base for cooking with herbs and boosting your immune system with easy to prepare recipes. The TCM cookbook is ready for presentation and a few days ago a PR guy joined the team getting us promoted for a wonderful adventure into the new seasons. Mom is in great support recently, making it possible that I have financial security to proceed my dreams; thank you!
I’m still in contact with my old staff in Indonesia, receiving daily txt messages and updates about the activities on north Sulawesi. I’m wishng you all a most relaxing summer vacation time and thank you for the many e-mails I receive from all over the world.


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