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We in red white and pure have now reached a proud moment of serving to our guests a great experience on two levels at the panorama Harbor Front in Vivo City.
The first response is sensational; dinner guests fascinated and curious sharing with my staff their excitement and support when tasting our creations. I have put in my soul and combined knowledge of collective cooking experience and in this results in a very impressive and challenging menu.
Let me share with you a few details and explain the many adventurous steps and the sensitive teamwork involved in bringing you healthy selections offered through my talented kitchen staff. red white & pure presents you a unique combination of healthy gourmet choices combined with traditional Chinese herbs packed into Spa cuisine oriented but French Cuisine executed compositions. I like to think of each plate as a poem starting with a prelude for the eye to the many sense activated when inhaling, devouring and enjoying the memories such bites evoke.With the assistance of my outstanding creative Sous Chef Chris Black, I have translated some of the simple and healthy ideas of spa master-chef Andrew Jacka into individual preludes. Every one of our suggestions has a story to tell, a purpose it represents and a TCM element that reigns. Healthy food submits its true flavors through least manipulations and often we think of spa cuisine as a suffering away from the sweet and creamy taste which hold us slave against logic, shape and health . It did require me to find the middle ground, pleasing a modern savvy palate without taking away from the pleasure of eating a delightful and soul pleasing creation. Today I share the bravo with all my Chefs, especially Chris who has a new found talent in translating ideas and my complex instructions into splendid dishes. Each plate is a visual joy that make all hearts smile and the mouthwatering results are a proud illustration which impresses media and shows our kitchen is on the path to a successful culinary future. Thank you all involved in this brilliant team work!
At first a concept came to live with my bosses Thomas Yasuda and Ms Bing having a great vision and the courage to approach a new direction. Any trend setting business requires brave man to stride forward against many challenges and only under the guidance and devotion of such people can talents like our kitchen team fully develop and come to bloom and shine.
Together we now invite you to enjoy our journey and hopefully you let us guide you to a better living. You will discover that without having to forfeit your accomplished taste and the old familiar eating habits you can re-discover the qualities that make a city live convenient. For the first time a restaurant like TASTE presents you healthy choices for your mind and body and future. We encourage you to take responsibility and to uncover and share the joy that motivates us, your red white & pure team. Sit down and let us cater you immune enhancing and poetic cooking infused with thousand years of well documented elements that control our precious body that needs our attention to live in a impure present world.  Cruise around in the calming retail store and be inspired by the selection we present to share with you the utmost best product on today’s market available. All our choices respect pure origin and foremost pristine quality ingredients. From facial creams, acupuncture treatment, selected progressive information to TCM’s and the very salad leaf served to you in TASTE, we within the red white & pure community guarantee you unmatchable quality and fascinating choices that will enhance your health and the overall value of your life style.
I have listed a few of the wonderful menus and proudly share with you how we reached such results and how magically a teamwork comes to bloom when the free flow of talents is encouraged, supported and respected. Chef recommendations from your kitchen:

Strawberry Essay

When the first draft of Andrew Jacka came into my hands I found the idea of serving crabmeat a bit too predictable and clearly health cuisine… But a chefs ego is driven by taking a simple recipe and turning it into a completely new presentation, without disturbing the healthy properties that invite fresh crab meat onto every Spa Menu. Our house salad dressing which I created as a signature sauce can be used in cold salads or even for poaching, stir frying or simply incorporated into sauces. I use Sage, Thyme, Kaffir lime leaf, lemon grass, rosemary, parsley and basil and marinate them in balsamic vinegar, hazelnut oil and pumpkin seed oil. The result is a deep, nutty, lemon flavor dominated essence. It took lots of herbs to find the correct measurement to balance the many flavors correctly and not to dominate by diminishing the light and gentile aromas of young green salad greens. In a final discovery Chris and Richard finalized the correct overall taste, the arrangements and presentation and with the help of the critical and ever challenging tasting crew under the guidance of Ms Bing, we now have a fun and ingenious variation incorporating strawberries. Strawberries cure hangover and are higher on vitamin C than lemon.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Clearly I love to take the foremost French classical recipes and incorporate great names and respectful preparations into our today’s menu. I am a traditionalist in the kitchen, a bit “old style” as Chris points out and he loves to break down some of the respected borders. (He likes to stalk food…) The Blue Ribbon was the very title the Titanic chased after when trying to reach the other end of the Atlantic as the fasted Luxury Cruise liner. It is also the renowned name of the highly respected Culinary school in Paris which was re-opened by Julia Child after WWll in Paris. Chris has substituted the lactic cheese with light goat cheese and instead of established breadcrums crusting we simply use fresh parsley. No cream is added to the hot Harrissa sauce. Chili encourages digestion and boosts vitality. The stuffing contains sweet Wolf Berries although known as Goji which are scientifically proven to stop advanced glaucoma and boost the immune system. The root Lycium Barbarum, (pin yin) is used in Chinese medicine to control cardiovascular inflammation. Wolf Berries are the fruit of the boxthorn in the same family as nightshade plant like the tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and chilies.

Hangover Pear

Around my fathers 50th birthday, when as an eight year old boy I discovered how soy bean is made into milk, I discovered that the quite and meditative room in the house was the kitchen. My mom liked the bedroom, my father the toilet where to the agony of my family he would read the morning paper…  The kitchen soon would be the room in which I have spend most of my life and to this day I find the greatest pleasures and my inner peace when cooking a meal for friends. The very next discovery was the old-style candying of fruits; possibly my wise father taking advantage of my newfound and expensive hobby secretly had engaged me in preserving eatables that can be stored for future usage. Although my mom enjoyed snacking away in the bedroom, my father concerned about her weight changes said little in the beginning. Of all fruits the most challenging are quince and pears and soon my childish ego grew in experience and I had our cupboards filled with jars to the rim. Now, my allowance in “laboratory investments” (as my dad named it) was limited, he started to demand the product of my experiments had to vary. The Manuka Honey sold in red white & pure is an anti inflammatory and you can even use it on skin infections and cure any sores in your mouth.

Come visit us soon, do it for your soul and for your health. Chef Raphael


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