Good… To show the world that we are back onto the right track. We will not allow any extreme visions and church guided doctrine furthermore over rule the constitution and enough with this war against a nations we’ve falsely accused of producing weapons of mass destruction. Now, we will rebuild our image, care for our retired, join the path of a modern view on the fight against global warming and America will get back on her feet. The healing will be long, but deserved.

Let’s extend our hands to the limited and narrow minded few that surely cannot accept the dramatic change this Nation has taken. Let us show with compassion that all parties can work together and forgive the many hateful words endured on this road to Obama’s victory. Let us be United States ones more.

Close Guantanamo, get the troops out of Iraq, bring the outsourced work back to the US of A and foremost accept that we are all a little different and together one Nation.

Congratulations America, welcome back home.

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