What would a good blog be without a villain? HR is bugging me all week, I try being professional about it and be of help to all departments involved for the busy preparations for the upcoming opening party on May 19. Considering this is an event for about 70, the debate and amok planning (or the lack thereof) is mind bugging. Everyone acts as if this is the Hollywood Oscars but only a few seem to be able to comprehensively write a structured plan that makes sense to all. The event-planer nightmare and the comical spoof of every wedding movie made; is that character micro-planning details without having an overall concept in hand. At first I tried helping and designed a pretty solid action plan (it still is my guideline) but by now I have learned to simply let the chaos develop around me and concentrate on adjusting to the ever-changing ideas and impossible to control actions. When I walked into the HR office yesterday, the “thorn in my eye” pulled another stunt on me and requested her HR buddy to get me out of there with any excuse (in Thai, thinking I would not understand) – because I had stinky feet. Well, I had smelly feet. After more than ten hours in a kitchen in clogs… The fact that she enticed her office staff to laugh about it shows her childishness and her overall lack of respect for me. I actually walked in there to help here with the event planning, which got lost in her diversion. But in the end knowledge is power and will prevail. For now I enjoy her little games. She is a funny character; I will get us a picture soon!

For the arrangements of the Grand Opening of ZEAVOLA I have to learn a lot these days about Thai food. Especially the sweeter side of Asian cultural cuisine: Yes, its tuff! Ha ha ha. Most of the delicious items to the locals are lesser impressive to my palate and what I consider stunning desserts provoke much less joy on the local tongue. In a way traditional Thai dessert is much better a choice, considering there is less sugar components added and rarely food colorations or aroma enhancements. When I was served Durian with sticky rice I revolted at first. I kindly accepted the present from my chef K Rach who gave it to me with a joyful grin on his face and put it in my little refrigerator back at my Cabin. Yesterday evening I thought it to be a perfect time to venture into the “stinky fruit” dessert. Right when I opened the ice box I thought I would faint! The rank of Durian was unbearably strong. Brave as I am; curiosity kills what?… I opened the package and took a bite from the fruit. The texture was okay, and once I ignored the ’stinky feet smell’ it actually tasted okay. Hey! Now, I wonder? Why is it so concerning to HR that my feet stink when this is her favorite dessert?  I received my costume for the event; Yellow! I will be dressed in Yellow from head to toe. Call me sunshine! It is indeed my prefered color, not sure I want to “stick out” like this during the opening event, but maybe the color of Durian is just fitting! ( You think HR had anything to do with this?)

Today is a holiday: Visakha Puja, held on a full moon. It is celebrated on a grand scale this year in Thailand in conjunction with the Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne. His Majesty requested Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya (yes one word…) a Buddhist university to arrange the celebration. It is the “birth, the enlightenment and the day of Buddha’s passing” – all on the same day but in different years. I will go and light a bundle of temple incense at his little shrine and make sure it’s of strong and pleasing essence… and include everyone in my prayers.

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