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I’m writing this on super Tuesday, being somewhat in the future of what is going to develop in a few hours in the USofA… Here in Indonesia the ballots have been cast and Obama took the lead… darnet.
I have followed the debates and carefully listened to both sides of the isle within the Democratic party and still find Mrs. Clinton to be representing my very needs as American citizen better; Healthcare is a serious reality in my future and I cannot afford yet another President fumbling this issue; I will be depending on it for the rest of my living. Although I like the idea of “new” and I welcome “diffrences” in the White House, I certainly measure the reality of my choice by the wisdom that is brought into account. Hillary has lived long in politics, shares a better connection with my aging soul and in average, I relate to her strength and ideas much better than the youthful and boisterous guy with Opra and an angry Kennedy’s/Schwarzenegger-confusions to his financial support. I greatly dislike all the “endorsements” (on both sides…) that never-ending mixing of talk hosts and actors with false pretends and personal issues and I have never really liked the “after-Kennedy” aura; The loud drunks, the killings and the corruptions have been too many to uphold a solid picture of what once represented the great America.
Neither do I like anyone measuring our future by standards represented via Reagan. Gosh, he neglected healthcare and could be quite frankly responsible for the disastrous AIDS epidemic; he refused for years investing and protecting his “children” and was utterly unable to talk about anything to do with gay issues.
I’m not digging too deep into the confusion I have in my head. But yes, I am supporting Hillary to protect and lead the United ( – so not feeling unity…) States for the next four years.
Here in Indonesia I am having my hands full with work. I’m pretty much set on getting my life back to Los Angeles. Q is there at the moment and we both are talking about finding a home together. It really keeps me sane having a soul out in the world that holds me in balance whenever I need it. I’m excited when looking into the future.
The past drags on a few amusing surprises as well. The ex(ed) Director of rwp is still sending me e-mails; silly money requests and awkward demands to communicate. Oddly his messages arrive in my mail box while Vic the ex marketing strategist is visiting for diving and we share stories from the days in Singapore; hardly believing how a brilliant concept could have been so poorly executed.
It is raining for days and weeks now. I am very tired these days and enjoy the soothing sounds of falling rain when slipping into the world of dreams. Life is fascinating, nes pas? – and we are living in a truly brilliant epoch, the fastest evolution of human kind and nothing seems to be stopping this madness of excitement. Life is beautiful.


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